Third Party Work Injury Claims in Chicago

Seeking Additional Benefits Through a Third Party Injury Claim

If you were injured on the job, workers' compensation may not be enough to meet your long-term medical and financial needs. If there was a negligent third party involved in your case, however, you may be able to seek additional compensation beyond what is provided to you through workers' comp. This is known as a "third party claim," and can be filed in addition to a workers' compensation claim.

At Morici, Figlioli & Associates, our Chicago injury lawyers are here to help if you have been injured by a third party-as in someone other than your employer. This can include property owners, contractors, and subcontractors, each of whom may be partly or fully liable for your injuries. While these damages are not covered by workers' comp, they can be recovered through a personal injury lawsuit.

How Morici, Figlioli & Associates Can Assist You

While we cannot promise you success if we take on your case, we confidently refer to our record of past results. Our lawyers are well-known throughout the region for their success in workers' compensation cases. What follows are examples of additional compensation we recovered in third party claims.

  • $13.5 million - recovered on behalf of three union workers injured in an industrial accident
  • $5 million - recovered on behalf of an amputee injured in a motor vehicle collision
  • $4.9 million - settlement for a refinery worker who was exposed to hydrogen sulfide
  • $2.5 million - recovered on behalf of a millwright who stepped off of a slipped settling tank
  • $2.15 million - settlement for a plumber who suffered a herniated disk during construction
  • $2.15 million - recovered for a bricklayer who injured his knee in a scaffolding accident
  • $1.8 million - recovered on behalf of a pipe fitter who fell from a pipe while welding
  • $1.78 million - recovered for a bricklayer who fell from a scaffold on a construction site
  • $1.1 million - settlement for a construction worker whose foot was crushed by a jackhammer
  • $1 million - recovered for a truck driver who suffered severe head trauma after a fall
  • $1 million - recovered for an HVAC worker whose head was struck by falling sheet metal

When investigating your case, our firm will work to identify negligent third parties and subsequently determine the extent to which each party is liable. If we find that someone other than your employer is liable for your injuries, we will fight to hold that party accountable for its share of your damages.

Are you ready to learn more about your options? Discuss your case with a Chicago personal injury attorney at Morici, Figlioli & Associates during a free initial consultation: (312) 779-0366.