Chicago Police & Firefighter Injury Attorneys

Proudly Representing Chicago's First Responders

Police officers, firefighters, paramedics, and other first responders are widely considered heroes for undertaking the kind of work that they do. Unfortunately, they aren't always treated as such when they become seriously injured on the job. If you work for the Chicago Fire Department or Police Department, we'll treat you like the hero you are.

At Morici, Figlioli & Associates, our Chicago police injury attorneys never forget the important services first responders provide. Some of our lawyers have worked as police officers, Cook County state's attorneys, and assistant Illinois attorneys general, or have fathers and other relatives who have served as police officers and officers on suburban police departments.

We represent police department officers, firefighters and other first responders in Cook County, DuPage County, Lake County and Kane County who are injured on the job. We are prepared to represent you in matters of workers' compensation, duty disability claims, PEDA & PSEBA claims and in obtaining personal injury awards and settlements from negligent individuals and entities.

How a Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

If you are a police officer, firefighter or other first responder and were injured on the job, we can help you obtain benefits under the Illinois Workers' Compensation Act (ILWCA), the Public Employees Disability Act (PEDA), the Public Safety Employee Disability Act (PSEBA) and under police and firefighter pension codes.

If your injuries were serious and caused by negligence, we can also represent you in so-called third-party injury claims involving non-employers - such as property owners or product manufacturers - who played a role in causing an on-the-job injury.

Here are some examples of situations in which we can help:

  • A Chicago firefighter who falls from a height due to a defective ladder on a fire engine or a defective fire escape on a building
  • A police officer who is injured by an improperly manufactured gun that explodes during a weapon's qualification
  • A public utilities worker who suffers electrical burns due to a failure of safety equipment
  • A traffic officer who is assaulted in a store parking lot
  • A public health worker who contracts a serious disease after exposure to a pathogen*
  • A Chicago city worker injured on an unsafe work site

Learn Your Options. Talk With Our Attorneys.

The attorneys at Morici, Figlioli & Associates have strong ties to the police and firefighters unions throughout the Chicagoland region. To learn more about how our Chicago police and firefighter injury lawyers can help you, please call (312) 779-0366. Your initial consultation is free, and in many actions, you won't owe us any attorney fees unless we recover compensation for you.

*The Illinois Workers' Compensation Act and Occupational Diseases Act enable such workers to not only obtain workers' compensation for typical physical injuries, but also for specific work-related illnesses such as respiratory disease, hypertension, heart disease/vascular disease, cancer, hearing loss, hernia and exposure to blood borne pathogens.