Ironworker Injury Lawyer in Chicago

Protecting the Rights of Injured Ironworkers

Ironworkers play a vital role in the construction industry, and often put their safety and health at risk to produce the materials and infrastructure that help our communities thrive and prosper. Whether it’s working with heavy and dangerous machinery, working from heights, or guiding and placing large sections of steel into unfinished structures, ironworkers face numerous risks of serious

injuries. When they do suffer harm, securing needed benefits and compensation is critical to their recoveries.

At Morici, Figlioli & Associates, our Chicago construction accident lawyers have extensive experience fighting for ironworkers and other laborers who put their lives on the line on a daily basis. As a firm that focuses on both personal injury and workers’ compensation law, we provide the comprehensive representation injured ironworkers and their families need to take the most appropriate steps when asserting their rights and securing the financial compensation they need and deserve.

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How We Help Ironworkers

When ironworkers suffer injuries on the job – including injuries resulting from the use of heavy equipment and machinery, positioning of beams and girders, cranes, falls, or other incidents and worksite hazards – they can suffer significant setbacks that threaten their physical, financial, and emotional well-being. To ensure they have the means to navigate their recoveries and obtain needed compensation should injuries keep them out of work, ironworkers and their families can seek compensation through workers’ compensation or personal injury claims.

  • Workers’ Compensation – Most ironworkers and other employees in the state of Illinois are covered by their employer’s workers’ compensation insurance, a no-fault system of insurance coverage that can provide benefits for medical treatment, wage replacement, and rehabilitative or vocational therapy, among other benefits, regardless of who caused them. Workers’ compensation is a vital safety net when work-related injuries or illnesses prevent workers from working and earning an income, on either a temporary or permanent basis, but because the process has many requirements and can be legally complex, workers should protect themselves and their families by working with attorneys who can guide them step-by-step through the application or appeal process.
  • Personal Injury – Some workplace accidents involving ironworkers are caused by the negligence of others. When those negligent acts, safety violations, or other careless incidents result from a third party other than a worker’s employer, injured victims and their families may have a right to seek compensation through civil personal injury claims and lawsuits. Third party personal injury claims can be filed against a negligent contractor that caused an ironworker’s injury (which is common in large construction projects), a manufacturer that made an unsafe and defective product or piece of equipment, or other negligent parties that do not directly employ the injured victim. While personal injury lawsuits allow for the recovery of damages not available in workers’ compensation cases, including pain and suffering, they require victims to prove how another’s negligence more likely than not caused their preventable injuries.

A Proven Record of Success Representing Chicago Ironworkers

As a firm that has earned national recognition for our work representing clients in challenging personal injury and workers’ compensation cases, Morici, Figlioli & Associates has recovered millions of dollars on behalf of clients, including the catastrophically injured and families who have lost loved ones in fatal accidents. Our proven record of success in workplace and construction accidents includes many successful recoveries secured for ironworkers and their families. Some of our notable recent results involving injured ironworkers include:

  • $5 Million Settlement for an amputation case obtained on behalf of a pedestrian at a Wisconsin auto auction who was being crushed between two SUVs. The victim, a 41 year old Chicago resident and tradesman, was attending an auto auction at the Badger State Auto Auction facility in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. While walking among cars lining up to enter the auction building he was crushed between the bumpers of two SUVs.
  • $4.9 Million Settlement for refinery accident the plaintiff was injured while working at a refinery facility in Romeoville, Illinois. The injuries occurred as a result of the accidental release of hydrogen sulfide gas while the plaintiff was installing a blind on an FCC unit at the refinery. As a result of the gas release, the plaintiff blacked-out and fell an approximate 6-feet.
  • $1.1 Million Settlement obtained on behalf of a Chicago area ironworker (Local #1) who suffered severe work-induced back injuries which prevented him from working and caused long-term effects.
  • $1+ Million Verdict awarded by a Cook County jury to our client following 3 hours of deliberation. Our client was a 58-year-old ironworker who was injured when a rebar mat he was guiding into a foundation excavation was jerked by a backhoe operator.
  • $900,000 Verdict obtained for a Chicago Heights construction worker who suffered injuries to his left arm and elbow, which resulted in tendonitis and a stress fracture, due to a lack of appropriate equipment available on the job site.

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