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Catastrophic injuries commonly result from crane accidents. These injuries typically include multiple and compound bone fractures, head and brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and amputations. As anyone who has been affected by a crane accident knows, these aren't the kinds of injuries you get over in a month, or even several months. They are life-altering injuries that can require lifelong treatment and care. In the most serious cases, crane accidents can also be fatal.

At Morici, Figlioli & Associates, our workers' compensation and personal injury lawyers have fought for victims across Chicago, Illinois, and the Midwest after their lives were upended by preventable accidents. Since 1998, we've helped injured victims in the same position as you recover millions of dollars in compensation.

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Crane Accident Cases We Handle

The many situations in which we can seek crane injury compensation include:

  • Crane collapse
  • Collision of crane arm and vehicles, structures or scaffolding
  • Maintenance problems
  • Crane design defects
  • Operator error
  • Miscommunication between ground crews and crane operators

A Record of Recoveries for Crane Injuries

Over the years, our lawyers have recovered millions of dollars in awards and settlements for clients injured in workplace accidents. Examples of our recent cases include:

  • Recovery of more than $2 million for a laborer crushed beneath a precast panel when a crane operator ignored a stop signal and lowered the piece onto our client, who fell and suffered serious leg injuries requiring multiple surgeries.
  • Award in excess of $1 million when a defectively designed headache ball disassembled, causing a load to drop and resulting in our client suffering serious shoulder and arm injuries.

See our case results page for more information about our record of successful recoveries for injured clients and their families.

Why Do I Need A Lawyer? Isn't Workers' Comp Enough?

Sometimes, workers' compensation is enough to cover the medical bills, lost wages and other expenses related to a work injury. But what if your employer, a subcontractor or other entity not hired by your employer was seriously negligent in causing your injury? What will you do when workers' comp isn't enough?

Workers' compensation benefits have payout limits. A personal injury lawsuit can more fully compensate an injured worker by addressing elements of damages like pain and suffering, future pain and suffering, future medical expenses, and the loss of a career to disability. By retaining our experienced crane accident lawyers, you can be sure you are doing everything possible to recover the full compensation available to you and your family.

Employers and insurance companies are rarely eager to pay the bills for the damage they are responsible for. Our job as crane accident attorneys is to hold these parties accountable so you actually receive the money you need, instead of the small payout these parties hope you will accept.

If a loved one died as a result of injuries suffered in a crane accident, we can help you obtain wrongful death damages, including compensation for grief and sorrow, lost income, loss of companionship, and funeral and burial costs.

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