Chicago Personal Injury Law Firm: Evolution of Product Safety Through the Civil Justice System

The civil justice system has been a driving force for manufactures to make their we talk a lot about our civil justice system that allows persons injured as a result of an unsafe product whether it be a venetian blind cord that doesn't have the breakaway aspect to it and children get strangled by it. Or babies fall between the rails of the cribs because of improper padding and mattress size, vehicles that suddenly accelerate and cause all kinds of havoc on the roadways and sometimes even death. It wasn't so long ago that a lot of things that have been implemented in order to avoid those injuries weren't around. There needs to pressure put on manufactures to change the design of their products in order to make them more safe; and over the past 30 years that has been happening due to the presence of the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Things like seat belts, air bags, crib safety, venetian blind safety, and saw safety have come about from hitting manufacturers in the pocketbooks through the civil justice system, because prior they weren't implementing these safety features. Hazards in general, relative to many products, have different dangers such as pinch points, and moving parts. Chicago personal injury attorney Jim Morici, asks what types of products present these types of dangers? Dan Pacheco, Chicago products safety expert explains that the overhead garage door has many pinch points and moving parts that can cause injury. A pinch point is located in between each panel

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