Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer: Do Safety Features Increase the Price of Products

Is there a price on safety? Chicago personal injury lawyer, Jim Morici asks "what does it add to the price, of say, a lawn mower to install one of the safety interlock systems, where the blade stops rotating once the handle is let go?" According to the Chicago product safety engineer, Dan Pacheco, "The percentage added to the price of the product to incorporate these types of safety features turns out to be a very minimal, as long as the features are designed into the main part of the design from the beginning." The Chicago personal injury law firm, Morici Figlioli & Associates represents many clients that have been injured by a dangerous product that has failed to work properly while in use. If you or someone you know have been injured by a product please contact our office, you could be entitled to compensation for your injury. Another commonly used product that has been the cause of serious injuries is garage doors. Through the years, garage door manufactures have integrated safety features into the design to help prevent people/children from getting crushed by closing door. Before these safety features have been implemented in design of garage doors an individual would have to manually open the pull open the door. With current technology and animation safety sensors that emit a light beam along the base of the garage door will automatically detect and obstruction and retract the door immediately from continuing to close. This is an example of how a commonly used item has

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